Monday, April 6, 2015


Cork roadbed has been installed on all the new construction, clearing the way for track laying.  I used Midwest Products cork roadbed strips for the mountain grade.  Nominal ¼ inch thick cork sheet was used for the Eugene Arrival/Departure Yard area.  Following installation with carpenters glue, the cork was smoothed by sanding and then painted a neutral gray.  The gray is similar to the final ballast color and will serve that way for some time.  Ballasting will come very much later in the process.

Mountain grade cork roadbed installed and painted gray.  Cruzatte siding is on the plywood on the upper level.  The lower level snakes along the benchwork edge and under the Cruzatte mid-point  (where the station company structures will be).  This will be Tunnel 20 on the lower line.  Curving to the right in the distance is Wicopee siding on the lower line.  The lines meet just beyond Wicopee on Salt Creek Trestle.

Wicopee siding roadbed.  View is from atop Salt Creek Trestle.  Part of Wicopee was built on plywood.  Most was built with hardboard splines.

RR-West end of Salt Creek Trestle.  The trestle has a spine made of two 1/8  by ¾ inch aluminum straps (painted black).  This is pinned within the hardboard spline at the ends of the trestle.

Pins for trestle spine inserted through the spine into the surrounding hardboard spline. 

Bridge spine cut-outs for Cascade Creek near the RR-East end of Cruzatte.  These spines will be encased in a pair of deck truss girders for Cascade Creek.

Eugene Arrival/Departure Yard roadbed. 

Eugene Arrival/Departure Yard roadbed seen from the yard throat area.  Operator access hole will provide access to the yard tracks and engine facilities that will be contained within the reverse loop yard.  

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