Sunday, April 12, 2015


The mainline has been pushed through for a complete circuit including one of the reverse loop staging tracks in the Eugene Arrival/Departure yard.  It was time to celebrate a major milestone!  I held a Golden Spike ceremony and gathering of folk April 12, 2015.  About forty folk gathered to help me celebrate this milestone.

Gold Spike Ceremony at Salt Creek Trestle.  Left to right: Larry V., me, my wife Janet, Mike Y., and Rodney L.

In true railroad fashion, there is much remaining, including more track and a lot of wiring.  Still, track now runs continuously from the Eugene Arrival/Departure Yard, through Eugene, Springfield and Oakridge.  There, it starts the 1.8 percent climb up through McCredie Springs, Wicopee and Cruzatte to Cascade Summit.  Track extends  from Cascade Summit into Crescent Lake.

Eugene Arrival/Departure Yard Track 4 (one of five to be laid with code 83 rail) complete one full reverse loop.

Throat trackwork leading to Track 4 of the Eugene Arrival/Departure Yard.  The actual final gap was closed here.

Mainline track on the mountain grade.  Cruzatte is on the upper line on the left.  Wicopee is in the distance curving to the right.

Wicopee and Salt Creek Trestle (temporary).  The pictures hanging from the layout are the historic scenes I am trying to model.

The “Gold Spike” at the end of Salt Creek trestle.  The spike actually is a tie date nail that my wife surprised me with today.  I am a lucky man.

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