Sunday, March 29, 2020


My industry hole-filling continued by turning to Eugene.  Zellerbach Paper Company had a warehouse near downtown Eugene.  Its spur showed up on the 1977 SPINS diagram I have for the area.  With a major corporation name, this facility became a prime candidate for inclusion on my railroad.  Early forms of the facility show up in a couple of steam-era photos with a concrete block structure.  A 1960s-era photo was published in Ed Austin and Tom Dill's The Southern Pacific in Oregon Pictorial, Pacific Fast Mail, 1993.  This shows a large corrugated iron warehouse in addition to the concrete block building.  I based my model on that pair of structures.  

My model location called for thick "flats" up against the backdrop.  The required structures were only two or three inches deep.  The corrugated iron structure was a simple foam-core "block" with texture facing.  I used more Clever Models printed sheet with a corrugated iron image, similar to my National Metallurgical structures in Springfield.  

I cut in roll up doors.  The overall construction was simple.  I added a sign, based on the sign seen in the Jim Paschelke photo in the Austin and Dill book.  A bit of work with PowerPoint produced the desired sign which was printed on 65-lbs cardstock.  Simple styrene strip framing completed the sign which was then mounted on the warehouse.

The older concrete block building was built from sides for a City Classics Carnegie Street Manufacturing Building (195-109).  A quick coat of cream-white paint plus window glazing completed the job.  I will leave to the future whether I add any of the original sign painted on this building.  Only the last part of "Company" would show.

Zellerbach Paper Company ready for business.

Another view of this simple gap-filler.  I will just ignore the thermostat floating in the sky.

Although this was a simple project, it fills quite a length along the backdrop at Eugene.  With appropriate exterior "texture" (the corrugated iron siding from Clever Models) and a sign, this industry is ready for business!

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