Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Continuing coverage of the major model railroad operations event known as Great Basin Getaway (GBG), the first three posts described the three layouts I operated on three separate days.

In addition to those operations, most of the layouts featured by GBG were open for touring in the evening.  Several other layouts were available for tour, as well.  The car pools I fell into (it was easy to gather in the hotel lobby and form a carpool) chose to tour the nearby layouts just south of Ogden. 

The first layout a group of us visited represented DRGW operations over Soldier Summit by  James G.  James’ layout was one of several seen in still-abuilding mode (aren’t all model railroads so?).  Nonetheless, recognizable scenes along the DRGW were evident.  We met up with quite a few other carpools visiting this layout.

James is talking with a couple of the many visitors as a UP freight rolls by.

Castle Gate was very recognizable!

Our carpool then visited Allen M, an expert structure modeler.

Allen’s city downtown and nearby refinery were all lit up.  That mill complex along the wall deserves a closer look.

The feed mill on the left was inspired by a mill in Ogden.  I saw the prototype mill the next day while touring Ogden.

The proud builder stands besdie his work when I went back the next evening.  Excellent modeling by Allen!

The next day I carpooled with Bill S, a Great Northern modeler.  Our first stop was with Tim M, another GN modeler and excellent craftsman.  Tim had an interesting collection of models including subsidiary SP&S, a road I follow closely.   I could appreciate the models and the craftsmanship of all.

Tim demonstrates his rolling lift bridge for Bill S. and me.

The covered hopper serving as part of a grain complex was just featured in the GNRHS quarterly “Goat” and modeling notes.

My final layout tour was with Mickey B.  Mickey’s empire is another one still developing, but good bones were evident in both the layout and structure models.

Mickey B. running trains around his layout.  Large industries with multiple car spots are featured.

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