Monday, August 15, 2016


On the anniversary of my official start of construction on August 1, I try to do a photo tour of the railroad to document the previous year’s accomplishments.  Last year’s tour can be found at:
The big construction push was completed just in time last year for the NMRA National Convention in Portland.  This past year has seen consolidation of that effort plus development of the operating scheme.  The result is modest visual impact but a major impact upon regular operations.  Follow along with a RR-West freight from Eugene to Cascade Summit and on into Crescent Lake (upper staging).

SP X-9320 pulls out of the Eugene Arrival/Departure Yard.  The recently activated caboose track is closer to the aisle.  The new engine facility is in the distance.

Our westbound freight winds its way through the Eugene Depot area. 

Crossing the Willamette River.

SP X-9320 pulls through Springfield on the mainline.  The First Springfield Local is on the depot and drill track, ready to start work.

Swinging around the Marcola district.  A cut of cars waits on the Weyerhaeuser Interchange and cars are spotted at Neste Resins (the white tank cars) and the grain elevator.

Continuing on toward Westfir.  It is always nice to observe a train snaking along what should be the North Fork of the Willamette River.

Rounding the curve at Westfir.  It is past time for me to get some basic structures built!

Entering Oakridge.  The Oakridge Turn (near track) and another freight wait in the Oakridge Yard.

Our helper is waiting at the West end of Oakridge.

Cutting in the helper.

Reassembling the train with mid-train help.

Climbing out of Oakridge through Pryor.  I was controlling this train with separate throttles for road power and helper—two-fisted control!

Passing through McCredie Springs.

Crossing Salt Creek Trestle, having climbed through Wicopee.

Climbing through Cruzatte.  The line up out of McCredie Springs and into Wicopee is below.

Crossing Trapper Creek and entering Cascade Summit.

Cutting out the helper at the summit.

SP X-9320W arrives in Crescent Lake.

The light helper, SP 8882, heads RR-East and back down to Oakridge.

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