Tuesday, November 3, 2015


A significant construction milestone has just been achieved.  My trusty compound miter saw, which also serves as a chop saw, has been removed from the layout space!  Layout construction has progressed to the stage where I no longer need or want the saw nearby in the basement.  Remaining saw cuts (and I am sure there will be many) can be handled easily up in my garage shop.   In the meantime, I very much desire to remove a major source of sawdust in the layout space.  Layout constructors among my readers will well understand this is a significant moment along the path to a “complete” model railroad.

I have my first full operating session with my local crew since the NMRA National Convention scheduled this coming weekend.  I need the space formerly occupied by the saw as crew space.  We are well into Fall in Western Oregon, so we will not be using the outside patio as crew space as we did during the summer.  Further, the long-planned-for kitchenette is moving along toward use.  All of the base cabinets have been assembled and placed.  They now await the countertop (ordered) and sink installation.

Compound miter saw in its habitual location for the past three years.

Crew space cleared and kitchenette taking shape.

Layout Design SIG materials packed for shipping for next year’s  NMRA National Convention.  Other than the convention, these have occupied key space in my garage for the past year-plus.  Another milestone!  This needed to be shipped to make way for the saw.

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