Monday, January 19, 2015


A revised track plan has been drafted reflecting actual construction of the railroad.  This revised plan replaces the April 2012 plan long posted on this blog.  The “Concept and Plan” tab has a revised explanation of the plan.  Both the revised plan and the former plan are posted there.

Revised, January 2015, Track Plan.

Two significant changes were made to the April 2012 plan during construction.  The Springfield turn-back lobe was moved two feet closer to Eugene.  There is plenty of aisle space between the two stations.  I needed to provide more space along the window wall for the crew lounge.  The other change was to angle the Oakridge wye into the middle of the “nook” containing McCredie Springs.  This made better use of the space.  It also provided for better platform access for operations at Cascade summit.  More subtle is the addition of more industry spurs and their identity. 

Many small details get lost on this plan, even at the ¼ inch to the foot scale I used to draft the plan.  Viewers wanting more detail should check the track schematics under the “Station Schematics” tab of this blog.  The correct sequence and orientation of switches is provided on the schematics.

I needed a track plan better reflecting the as-built layout for presentations.  I will be presenting my layout planning, construction and initial operations to the annual San Francisco Bay Area Layout Design and Operations Special Interest Groups Meet this next weekend.  In many ways, this is a report back to my former model railroad colleagues on what I have done since retiring and leaving that area.  I also will highlight this next summer’s National Model Railroad Association National Convention, to be held in Portland, OR, August 23 – 29, 2015.

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