Sunday, August 4, 2013


Official start of construction on my SP Cascade Line was August 1, 2012.  To mark that anniversary, I thought a tour of the layout as it exists today would be appropriate.  Follow along with a train head railroad westbound (toward San Francisco in SP direction).


Track laying at Eugene was reported in the previous post (   Bridges and track still need to be completed over the Willamette River between Eugene and Springfield.  Most switch machines are in place (44 so far).  Wiring is next.

Eugene Depot and Classification Yard


Springfield was the first station completed.  I learned a great deal as I built switches, laid track, installed switch machines and wired it for DCC control and eventual signaling.  Most of this construction involved new techniques for me or employed skills long dormant.   Note the layout fascia has been installed and hand-throw switch linkages have been installed.

SP Extra 7623-West passes through Springfield.  Phreddie, our just-acquired Brittany rescue dog  has accompanied me through layout construction this past week.


Our SP westbound freight takes the mainline passing by the Marcola Branch trackage.  The grain elevator was a Campbell kit, built four decades ago while I served in the Army in Virginia.  It has survived moving around the country and has earned its way onto this railroad.  The “PAW” (her nickname for me) sign in the background was a Father’s Day gift from our daughter.


Westfir development awaits building construction using the Walthers sawmill and other structures representing Western Lumber.  The railroad bridge over the North Fork of the Willamette River awaits construction with the gap filled by a temporary arrangement.

Extra SP7623-West passes parts for the mill complex at Westfir.


Oakridge was the second major station laid on this railroad.   Switch machines and track wiring are in, but switch linkages and local controls are yet to be installed.

Extra SP7623-West enters the RR-East end of Oakridge on the mainline.

Extra SP7623-West at Oakridge awaits a helper and clearance to start the climb up the Cascade “Hill.” 


We just added a rescue Brittany to our family.  “Phreddie” quickly selected me as his principal human and has been a welcome companion during railroad construction.

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