Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Several weeks’ effort under the layout led to today’s milestone:  Trains are rolling on the HO scale SP Cascade Line!   All track currently laid in Springfield and extending to Westfir  has switch machines in place, frogs wired, and the track wired.  Nine electrical blocks connect at the Springfield electrical distribution panel to two power districts, now connected to my command station/booster.  Other layout builders will understand the significance of that first train rolling via the designed wiring plan.  A banner day!

First train rolls through Springfield!

It has been a long journey to this point.  That journey included retirement, selling a house, building the new house, moving interstate, settling into the new house, and beginning layout construction.  This blog is now a year old, though construction only began in August.  Today was the first time in years I have been able to run a train on MY railroad.

There is much to happen both on top of and below Springfield, but the ability to run a train will move many of those tasks along at an accelerating pace.  The immediate next tasks involve bringing switch controls out to a fascia panel.  Ten of the current 37 turnouts have switch motors on them, which will bring about the first of the computer interface boards (albeit in a stand-alone mode).

Sharp-eyed viewers will note the command station below the layout.  Eventually the command station will move to the Eugene and Oakridge panel.  A booster will be installed at Springfield.  The radio antenna is in a temporary location atop the backdrop spine.  It will move a bit further to the left (closer to Eugene and Oakridge) when the command station moves.  Right now the antenna is as far away from the command station as my 25 ft. cable allows. 

For now, I am savoring the moment of train operation on the first major section of the layout.   Success and progress!

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  1. Congratulations! I'm sure running that train felt great!