Sunday, December 29, 2019


I completed--for now--the Cascade Summit backdrop project by applying spackle to the panel joints, sanding, and then painting the high backdrop.  Construction may be seen in the prior post:

Most of this high (partial) backdrop received my basic "sky blue"--Sherwin-Williams "Blissful Blue."  The coved end corners needed a more complete sky blend, as they connect to other backdrop areas that have that full treatment.  The basic technique involves painting six color bands with blue-white mixes that range from the pure "Blissful Blue" down to one with 1:5 parts blue and white.  The still-wet paint bands are then blended together using a 2-3 inch-wide brush--one for each blending band.  I described this more fully back when I did the original stretch of serpentine backdrop winding around my main peninsula:
The end corner coves may see the terrain edge come down to the backdrop base, so the full blend to haze is important.

Joint spackling underway.  The roll of fiberglass "tape" in the foreground was used to reinforce the joints.  Sanding the spackle was exhausting due to the confined space I worked within.  It also was dusty!  After the first pass through, I remembered to install drop cloths over the terrain on the lower level.

Sky blue base paint being applied.  The contrast to the blend toward haze at the horizon can be seen at the right side of the corner cove where the new sky blue base contrasts with the previously blended flat section to its right.  Trapper Creek is in the extreme lower right corner of this photo.  Three-dimensional terrain will descend to the creek and more detailed backdrop painting will attempt to convey the source of the creek.

Completed sky fade to haze.  The sky fade was done just for the full height section that is part of the corner cove.  The less-than-full-height backdrop to the left has just the base sky blue.  The terrain should reach closer to the top of most of the new backdrop except at the end corner coves.  Once the three-dimensional terrain is formed, I may need to add more mountain and forest painting to the backdrop above that terrain.

The Cascade Summit company village ready for three-dimensional terrain to be formed behind it.

I am ready to begin forming the three-dimensional terrain.   This will begin by enclosing the wye tunnel, followed by terrain around the corner coves.  The straight sections between those corners will be filled in last.  For now, the railroad has been cleaned up in preparation for the first operating session of the new year.

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  1. Very nice. I wish you could help me with my layout. I however live in Auburn ca, so that's too far but I run HO espee over Donner pass 1988 era.