Listed here are links I have found useful to my modeling efforts:

Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society:

The SPH&TS Has been very active collecting, preserving and making available history and technical information on the Southern Pacific.  The Society's line of books include a five-volume series on passenger cars, three volumes of pictures on SP depots.  The Society has entered the model production business with the former Red Caboose F-70-7 flat car dies and has built upon this by commissioning flat car bulkheads (both kit and RTR).  The Society's Annual Conventions have been a great resource for information on the SP and its operations as well as a vital link to fellow modelers and SP researchers.

Joel Ashcroft's Southern Pacific in the Cascades website:

Joel serves as a locomotive engineer running on the Cascade Line.  Joel has collected and organized a vast array of information on the line.  This site provides important historic underpinnings for my own model of the line.

AL&W Lines:

Bruce Barney has created and markets laser-cut model kits for many of the company structures along the Cascade Line.  In particular, his kits can reproduce a complete company "village" found up in the Cascades with train order station, operator houses, section foreman's house, section gang bunk house, and tool sheds.  Having soaked in the images on Joel Ashcroft's site and in the Austin and Dill books on the SP in Oregon, the availability of kits for these structures nudged me ever closer to committing to modeling the historic Cascade Line.

Fast Tracks:

The Fast Tracks system of turnout construction jigs helps produce a "hand-made" track turnout (switch) with very accurate track geometry.  Turnout construction with these jigs is fast and precise.

Modeling the SP, Dr. Tony Thompson's Blog:

Author of five books on SP freight cars, Tony's modeling blog features modeling articles and information on SP operations and Tony's efforts to recreate those operations.

Albrae Models:

HO Scale Division of Accucraft Trains.  Albrae Models has done several rebuilt (steel car-body) SP flangers for snow service, including one stationed at Oakridge.

Dry Creek Models:

Robert Bowdidge set up Dry Creek Models to market his marvelous 3-D printed freight cars.  His first effort has been both the original production and rebuilt Hart convertible gondolas used in SP maintenance of way service up onto the 1950's.  This is a very interesting prototype .  Robert carefully researched these cars using drawings at the California State Railroad Museum.  These cars are way-cool and hard to resist!

7idea Productions:

7idea has produced two sets of videos covering the Cascade Line from Eugene to Klamath Falls, with separate titles covering the former Shasta Division.  A third video, "Cascade Snow Fighters," covers snow removal on the western slopes of the Cascades.  All three titles feature excellent videography with amazing access trackside.  I will use scenes from these videos to help develop scenery on my model railroad.  Even though these are post 1996 videos, the work is excellent.  Lots of other subjects throughout the west are featured in other videos, but the treatment of the Cascade Line by an Oregonian with good access to the line is highly recommended.


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