Monday, November 23, 2015


I have expanded the Eugene Arrival/Departure Yard to twelve tracks per my design.  These are reverse loop tracks.  I have been slowly expanding this last key part of the railroad with first a single loop track for the “Golden Spike,” then expanding to six and then seven tracks for full mainline operations.  All twelve tracks are becoming important, though, as I start forcing the issue to have all trains depart from the “Arrival/Departure” Yard, as designed. 

Eugene Arrival/Departure Yard (reverse loop staging) with most of the planned twelve tracks laid.

The inner loop track (Track 12) has a gap in its middle right now.  I must complete building a turnout and install it for access off this track into the diesel fuel and sand facility.  That facility will be along the “right side” of the loop.  Laying the switches and tracks for that facility is the immediate next project.  With switch machines installed and track and machines wired, this will finally move the arrival and departure operations down into this area.

“Right” side of the Eugene Arrival/Departure Yard.  The diesel fuel and sand facility will go in the open space to the left of the twelve loop tracks.

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