Sunday, September 15, 2013


Completing the wiring for tracks in the general area of my Eugene depot, the classification yard has been wired.  This included eight tracks, thirty switch machines, and seven power “blocks.”  All of the track in the classification yard is unsignaled, so all seven power “blocks” are connected to each other at the station panel under the layout.  Having seven distinct power “blocks” allows me to easily disconnect one for trouble shooting. 

Eugene Classification Yard.  The pair of GP9s to the left are on a depot “City Yard” track.  The GP9 in the distance is on the west switch lead and ladder.  Headlights are on, so the wiring has been successful!

I’ve been experimenting with structure locations and modifications to structures.  The industry buildings alongside the backdrop keep getting rearranged as I experiment with building heights and depths. 

Sharp eyes will spot the mock-up for the Eugene car shop shed near the water tower and switching GP9 in the photo.  As noted in a previous post (  on modifications to my Eugene track plan, I provided tracks for the Repair in Place (RIP) facility.  I was inspired by photos and track plans for Eugene’s facilities up until the 1960’s.  Though my car shop shed is shorter than the prototype, it will serve for this model railroad.  

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