Monday, May 22, 2017

WOOPS 2017

The first Western Oregon OPerationS (WOOPS) event was held this past weekend, with my SP Cascade Line participating with a session on Friday.  WOOPS joins the list of regional operating events spread throughout the country and our friends in Canada.  Our organizing committee deliberately kept this first event to modest size and with simple logistics.  WOOPS featured four layouts, operating three each day on Friday and Saturday.  My layout and Charlie Comstock’s Bear Creek and South Jackson were paired for one session each.  We both face substantial re-staging issues.  The other two layouts—the Willamette Model Railroad Club and Chuck Clark’s Modoc Line—use active staging so they could turn their layouts around overnight. 

I had sixteen guest operators—Boomers—plus eight of my regular local crew.  This was a good mix, as there were plenty of local mentors to assist with questions and to fill in a couple of key operating roles.  While most Boomers were experienced operators, we had a couple of less-experienced folk that were paired with either one of my local crew or another experienced guest operator. 

Regular readers of my blog might have noted a slight delay in my regular posting “schedule.”  That was to allow my guest operators a fair bit of time to drop in and see the previous post which described the various operating positions and jobs on the railroad.  Now for photos of my part of WOOPS.

As with most operating sessions, it begins with the in-briefing.  Here, Rick K. is explaining the use of Direct Traffic Control (DTC).

Boomer Seth N. took on Dispatching with assistance from regular crew member John B.

Eugene Yard duties were performed by Joe G. (distant left), Yardmaster Mark S. (center) and Steve H. (right).  We did not call a separate Eugene City Switcher, but this crew got the work done anyway.

The First Springfield job was worked by Cyrus N. (left) and Al D. (right).

We ran a typical line-up of trains.  Conductor Bill S. and Engineer Allen W. guide a WCEUE (lumber empties from West Colton to Eugene) over the big trestle at Salt Creek and into Wicopee.

RR-West trains took helpers at Oakridge.  Bruce M., George F. and Helper Engineer John K. confer as they wait in the siding at Cruzatte.

A helper is being cut out at Cascade Summit by local crewmember Dave C, and Boomers John G. and Kurt L.

While the crew of the RR-West train at Cascade Summit (on platform to the right) proceed on into Crescent Lake under the control of Don T, another RR-West train is getting its helper at Oakridge (below, left).  Dave H. looks on as Helper Engineer John K. cuts in the helper.

A fine time was had by all as the crew gathered for final comments at the end of the session. 

Saturday, I was part of the local support crew for Charlie Comstock.  We then trekked off to the Clackamas Community Center, above the Willamette Model Railroad Club space, for a fine catered banquet.  We hope to conduct the next WOOPS in late-Spring 2019.